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What about the ranking?

It's always nice to see how you rank in a game: are you doing great, average or do you need to improve compared to other players? That's why we came up with the ranking.

To score points for the ranking you have to play in our regular tournaments.


You get 2 points for just playing the Pyramid! And you get 4 points more for every level you are above the lowest level.

Championship of the Day, Week, Month, Year

This table shows how many points you get for your final position in a Championship.
Points scored in a Championship remain valid for a year.

The Competition

If you finish last on the lowest level, you will get 2 points. Every place above that, you get 2 points more. If you finish last at a higher level, you get as many points as a player finishing sixth at the level below. Again, every place higher you get 2 points more.

Only points scored in the most recently finished Competition count.

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