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Rules of '8 Cities'

Summary: 8 cities are placed randomly in a 6x6 grid. Both players build roads between cities and try to connect the most cities to the main city.

Turns: White starts by placing 1 road, then black 2 roads, then white 2 roads, then black 2 roads again, and so on. Each road you build from a city to an adjacent land tile or from one of your build roads to an adjacent land tile or city. If one side of your road doesn't lead to a city, then you must build there. Exception: if you can't connect any more cities to this road, then you loose this road. (eventually 'chainreaction') You cannot build roads parallel at the same place as your opponent, but roads can cross each other.

Pass: If all your roads are connected to eachother or to cities, you can choose to pass. This means you won't place any more roads this turn. If you pass at the start of a game, your opponent can start the game by placing 2 roads, just like his normal turn.

Flags: If your roads completes a new connection between cities, then you get your flag in these cities so that you see in each city how many cities are connected by your roads.

End of the game: The game ends as soon as one player has no possibilities anymore to make new connections to get new flags. This can happen during opponent’s move.

Winner of "8Cities": Now look which city has the most flags. If several cities have the most flags, then all these cities count. Look who has the most flags in this city/cities. This player wins. Is this equal, then you count the second-most important city/cities too, and so on.

Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

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