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Rules of 'Comino'

Summary: Place your tiles so that equal colors connect to each other. Connect to the biggest color areas to get the most points.

Start of the game: The start player gets the complete yellow tile, the other player the complete red tile. The other tiles have all possible combinations of red, yellow and blue, with 1 color per corner. Both players get 10 tiles, randomly. The remaining tile is the start tile on table.

Turns: Players take alternate turns. Each turn you choose one of your tiles to connect, side to side, to one or more tiles on table. Each connected side must connect to equal colors, and if the tile you place touches the corner point of another tile, the touching corner points must be of the same color as well. If you can’t connect any tile at your 6th turn or later, then you have to remove one of your tiles.

Points: The connected colors bring you points. The score for each connected color is: the number of connected tiles this color area consists of, without counting your newly placed tile.

Example: In move 8 you place a tile which connects to a yellow and a blue area. The yellow area was already build by 3 connected tiles, so this brings you 3 points. The blue area already consisted of 6 tiles, so brings 6 points. 3 points + 6 points = 9 points for you this turn.

End of the game: The game ends when the last tile is placed. So both players get 11 moves.

Winner of "Comino": The player with the highest total score wins.

Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

User interface

To make a move in Comino, do the following:

Move your mouse over the tile you want to move. Over the tile, 3 arrows are shown like this:

If you click on the left-top corner of the tile, it will turn anti-clockwise. If you click on the right-top corner of the tile, it will turn clockwise.
If you click on the lower half of the tile you can move the tile. You can move it to a place on the board, but ONLY if it fits there. So you have to rotate it first before you can move it on the board!
After you selected a tile to move, a button 'Remove tile' will appear (move 6 or later). Click that button to remove the tile.
You can also move a tile to another place among your own tiles. After you click 'move' (bottom half of the tile), click on an empty spot on your side of the board and it will be moved there. If you click on one of your other tiles, they will swap places.
You can also move your opponent's tiles among his tiles. Obviously you can't move your opponent's tiles to your tiles and vice versa.

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