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Rules of 'Dominate'

Summary: Capture your opponent’s flags.

Start: Both players control 15 of the 30 areas, randomly. The player with a flag in Madagascar starts.

Turns: Players move alternating. Each turn you move your flags from one area to an adjacent area. You have to move all your flags from that area, you can't leave any flags behind.

Merging flags: You can always move to an adjacent area you already control. So if you move 1 flag from Angola to Botswana that already contained one of your flags, you will have 2 flags in Botswana.

Capturing flags: You can only move to an adjacent area controlled by your opponent if you move more flags to that area than your opponent has there. So if you are in Chad with 3 flags, and Sudan contains 1 or 2 enemy flags, you can go there. If Sudan contains 3 or more enemy flags, you can't move there. If you move into an enemy area, the flags of your enemy are removed from the map, and you take one prisoner (depicted under your flags) .

Moving to neutral (empty) land: You can only move to an empty area (not controlled) if you release a prisoner. So if you are in Zambia with 3 flags and 2 prisoners, you can move to Zimbabwe if Zimbabwe has no flags. After your move, you will have 3 flags and 1 remaining prisoner in Zimbabwe.

Pass: You can always choose to pass, i.e. not make a move.

Propose/Accept peace: If you "propose peace" (or pass or can't move anymore), then the other player can "accept peace". This means the game ends with the current scores. So this doesn't mean a draw! If you are leading 10-8, you will win the game 10-8.

End of the game: The game ends when a player has lost all his flags, when neither player can make a move, or when peace is accepted.

Winner of "Dominate": The player with the most flags remaining on the map wins. Your score is the number of flags you still have on the map.

Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

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