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Hilfe in Deutsch

Rules of 'Gipsy King'

Summary: Both players try to build the biggest campings in an empty land and try to have the most access to the best lakes.

Turns: The first turn the start player can place a yellow camper on one of the empty land hexes adjacent to lake hex 1. If you choose a spot, then the other player can occupy an empty land hex adjacent to lake hex 1 and so on. If all hexes adjacent to lake 1 are occupied, then you continue with the empty land hexes around lake hex 2, then around lake hex 3, then 4, then 5 and so on. After lake 12 you continue with the spaces which are still open (maximum 3 spaces are not adjacent to a lake), until all land spaces are occupied.

Pass a turn: Instead of occupying a land hex, you can pass. If you pass, the other player gets all free hexes around the current lake hex. At the next lake hex the passing player can choose again if he passes or not, and so on.

Score: - The lakes with the boats bring points. A lake consists of 1 or more adjacent lake hexes. The points go to the player with the most campers adjacent to the lake. This player gets points equal to the total number of boats in the lake.
- Each group of your connected campers brings points. (2 campers are connected if their land spaces are adjacent.) One single camper is worth 1 point. 2 adjacent campers is 1+2 points, so 3 points. A group of 3 campers is 1+2+3 points, is 6 points. A group of 4 campers brings 1+2+3+4 = 10 points, and so on.

12 to 1: The second half of the game starts on the same landscape, but now the first lake hex is lake number 12 and you count down to end around lake number 1. Red starts now.

End of the game: The player with the most points (after the 2 game halves together) wins.

Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

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