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Rules of 'Powerboats'

Summary: Navigate your speedboat. Try to finish first!

Start: You place your boat on the start-line. First yellow, then red.

Turns: Players take alternate turns, moving their boat. Red moves first.
In a turn, you first select your dice. You can use the dice you used in your last turn, you can add 1 die, or you can remove 1 die. For every die you used in the previous turn, you can choose to use the same roll, or to reroll the die. The first turn you automatically roll 1 die. Dice are numbered 1 to 3, not 1 to 6!
After rolling (or leaving the dice as they were) you total the pips on the dice. This is the amount of spaces you move your boat. You can move in the same direction as last turn, or you can make a turn of 60 degrees left or right before you move. You MUST move as many spaces as possible! You can move through water (blue), not on land (green). If there's only one direction allowed, your boat will be moved automatically.

Occupied space: You can pass the space occupied by your opponent. You cannot end your move on the same space as your opponent. If the number of pips on the dice brings you to the same space, then your boat shifts 1 step less.

Crash: If the islands or buoys (or the side of the lake) prevent you to move the total number of pips on your dice, you will crash into either an island, a buoy or the side of the lake. The remainder of your total die-roll is the damage you receive. If you suffer 4 or more damage points in total (the small number at your name), your boat will sink and your opponent wins. When you crash you loose your dice. Next turn you can either:

  • roll one die, turn your boat and move the number of pips;
  • turn your boat without moving.

    Buoys: Before finishing you must round 3 buoys, first buoy 1, then buoy 2, then buoy 3.
    The arrows around the buoy show if you must round a buoy rightward or leftward.
    The line you must pass to score the point for rounding a buoy is shown by chevrons.
    The chevrons of the last buoy you rounded, and of the buoy you are to round next are always shown. The chevrons of the other buoy(s) are only shown when you hold your cursor over that buoy.
    Please note that if you pass these chevrons in the wrong way, then turn around and cross them in the right way, it will NOT count for rounding the buoy! You really have to go around the buoy. As soon as you cross the line of chevrons, you score a point for that buoy.

    Finish: You win when you reach or pass the finish-line.
    You can pass the finish-line in any direction. The rule that you have to move as many hexes as possible still applies!
    When your boat sinks after reaching the finish you still win the game, but the damage you receive still influences the tie-breaker.

    Exception: After each player has made 35 moves, the game ends automatically. Then the player who passed the most buoys wins. If equal, the player with the fewest damage points wins.

    Scoring: For each buoy rounded, and for reaching the finish, you get a point. Damage points are an extra tie-breaker for tournaments.

    Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

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