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Rules of 'Streetsoccer'

Summary: In StreetSoccer both players try to make the most goals in 25 turns (eventually maximum 10 turns extra time).

Kick-off: The first player places his figures, then the second player. Your goalie starts in your goal, one field player in the middle and at least one on own and one on opponent’s halve.

First Turn: The first turn both players roll the die. The player with the highest die-roll starts to kick the ball with the figure in the circle by the difference between the 2 die-rolls. You are not allowed to score a goal in this turn. After the first turn players get alternate turns which start each time by a die-roll.

Each following turn: You choose 1 of your 5 figures to move. The die determines the number of steps you can move. You cannot walk diagonally. You can change direction after each step. If you reach the space with the ball, then your figure stops there and you kick the ball. The ball you move by the unused number of pips on the die PLUS 1. The ball you can move in any direction, and can change direction once from diagonal to straight or from straight to diagonal. You cannot shoot through a space with an opponent. You can reach a space with your own figure. Then you add one step for the ball movement, and you can choose any direction again, and the pass by this other player can have one direction change again.

Goal: You score a goal if the ball passes the endline and the last space before it passes the endline is one of the 2 spaces in front of the goal.

After a scored goal: You place your defeated goalie in one of the 2 spaces in front of your goal, and bring the ball in the field again starting at your goalie. You throw at least a 2.

Sudden death: If the game is equal after 25 turns for both players, then the game continues for a maximum of 10 moves both. If you score during these extra turns, then you win immediately.

Anti kill-joy rules: Only the keeper may move to one of the two spaces in front of his goal. (except if there is a ball)
Only one outfielder can be in the 2 spaces in his own penalty area.
You may not surround the ball so that your opponent’s figures cannot reach the ball without moving outside the lines.

Scoring: Game finished in normal time: 5 points for winner vs. 0 points. Game finished in sudden death: 4 points for winner vs. 1 point. If game ends equal: 3 points for player who scored last goal vs. 2 points. If game is finished without any goal, both players get 2 points.

Author: Corné van Moorsel. All rights reserved.

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