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What is 'The Competition'?

'The Competition' is an on-going tournament in which players play in groups against eachother, trying to get to the top and become the ultimate winner!

'The Competition' consists of a number of levels. At each level, one or more groups of at most 11 players exist. At the highest level there is 1 group, at level 2 there are 2 groups, at level 3 4 groups, at level 4 8 groups, etc.

All players in the same group play a round robin against eachother (so one game against each opponent). When all games are finished, the winner and the runner-up of a group move up to the level above, while the 4 players finishing at the bottom move down a level.

Three days after all games in 'The Competition' are finished, a new Competition will start automatically. All players registered to the old Competition will play automatically in the new one, as well as players who registered while the old Competition was running. New players always join at the lowest level available.

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