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What are the 'Championships of the Day/Week/Month/Year'?

Every day, in every type of game, a tournament is started at 20:00. This tournament is the 'Championship of the Day'. These daily tournaments are open for registration starting at 20:00 the day before. The competitors are grouped randomly,and within every group every player plays a game against all other players in the group. Then the winners of each group are grouped again, and they play a round robin again. This goes on until there is one group left. The winner (or winners)of this last group will be the 'Champion of the Day'!

The winners of each 'Championship of the Day' qualify for the 'Championship of the Week'. So you cannot register directly into a 'Championship of the Week', you have to win a 'Championship of the Day' to be able to play in it. The weekly championship will start immediately after all feeding daily championships have finished.

In the same way, the winners of each 'Championship of the Week' qualify for the 'Championship of the Month'. And finally the winners of each 'Championship of the Month' qualify for the 'Championship of the Year'.

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