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Mastermoves.eu Masters

Mastermoves will not be continued after 2018!

See this forum post.

So you agree with us that Mastermoves.eu is a great site, and you'll love to spend more time here. But things get a little boring when you have reached your limits and can't make a move anymore. Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Become a Mastermoves.eu Master or even better a Mastermoves.eu Grandmaster and your problems will be solved!

In this table you can see the advantages of becoming a Mastermoves.eu Master or a Mastermoves.eu Grandmaster:

Normal userMasterGrandmaster
max. moves per day40200unlimited
max. non-tournament games1050unlimited
max. tournaments31560
Vacation days142128
PriceFREE€19 per year*€39 per year*
*: for payment through Paypal see below

And for an extra € 5 per year we'll rid you of the advertisement banners!


Just transfer the amount to R. Lokers in Montfoort, bankaccount 4891093 (Postbank/ING).

European Union
If you live in a country within the EU, you can transfer the money without extra costs if you use the following:
IBAN: NL30 INGB 0004891093
BIC code/Swift code: INGBNL2A

Outside the EU
You can transfer your payment to us using Paypal. Because of the fees this company charges, the price is a little higher:

You can make your payment to payment@mastermoves.eu.

Always mention your loginname with your payment! And for a quick reaction, also send me (Ronald) a message.

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