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17 April 2019
Word from my service provider: the subscription will expire on 15 June. So that will be our final day... until then you can keep playing.

2 January 2019
This is it... our last year has started...
Happy New Year!

16 December 2018
Last call!
Make sure you get your share of tournaments before they stop.

14 October 2018
You might have experienced some problems with Mastermoves. This is because my hosting company performed an upgrade and started to use IPv6 addresses (instead of IPv4 addresses). I had to make a small adjustment for that.

13 March 2018
We can send emails again!

28 November 2017
Alas we can't send emails right now, so be aware that you won't get any reminder-emails when it's your turn!
I hope to resolve this ASAP.

19 March 2017
Mastermoves.eu was officially launched on
3 March 2007...

We have been online for 10 YEARS now!

17 February 2017
We're back!! Our service provider had some problems so we were offline for a few hours.

13 January 2017
Friday the 13th... don't rush your moves! (in other words: no news, just wanted to update this section)

25 May 2016
It seems we have been hacked and a lot of passwords were changed. My apologies for the inconvenience, I can only hope that they had their fun and won't do it again.

1 January 2016
Have a Masterful 2016!

30 June 2015
If your game doesn't seem to work correctly at mastermoves.eu, please go to mastermove.eu. It'll work there.
I'll try to fix this ASAP.

28 June 2015
We've moved to our new provider!

21 June 2015
Expect some downtime next sunday, 28 June, because we will be moving to a new provider.

5 January 2015
Back online! Happy 2015!

26 July 2014
Our service provider will run a kernel update of the server on monday, 28 July, between 7:00 and 9:00. So Mastermoves can be unreachable for some time then.

14 September 2012
Legal disclaimer: Mastermoves.eu only uses cookies when you check 'Remember me next time' on the front page. And that's the only cookie we use.

13 May 2012
New setting added
Now you can select to receive an email immediately after your opponent made move!
Go to your Settings page to change it!

31 October 2011
Rainy days, but nobody to play with? Why don't you invite your friends to play here? Simply type your friend's email address in the 'Invite' box and before you know it you have more opponents to beat!

16 August 2011
Vacation's over... why not become a Master to kill those useless hours we have to spend at work?

Special temporary offer: pay for 1 year, get 13 months!

7 July 2011
MaCoPi wants to play as many players as possible in 8 Cities for bragging rights... Any takers? See the forum for details..

20 March 2011
For Masters and Grandmasters only:
design your own Powerboat!
Look at the one ad79 created..

3 February 2011
Why not try one of the games you don't usually play? They're all great!

1 January 2011

9 June 2010
Not enough vacation days to cover your vacation?
Become a Master or Grandmaster and get more!
And you can play more games to get you through these days if it's raining....

23 December 2009
Lord Al is keeping all the scores of the
Streetsoccer World Cup

11 December 2009
Streetsoccer World Cup forming!

Check the forum for details!

1 June 2009
New players now have to request the right to post on the forums. Send Ronald a message if you want to post!

29 January 2009
New bankaccount
We have changed bankaccounts, so if you transfer money to us for your Master or Grandmaster status, be sure to use the new account number! See the details at our Become a Master section.

27 December 2008
Our New Year's Resolution:
Make Mastermoves.eu even better!

Have a great 2009!

10 October 2008
Rule change in Comino:
5 points extra for yellow!

See the forum topic for details.

17 September 2008
A new name for 'No Limit':

7 September 2008
Who's afraid of
red, yellow and blue?
Play Comino
our newest game!

11 August 2008
Rainy days, but nobody to play with? Why don't you invite your friends to play here? Simply type your friend's email address in the 'Invite' box and before you know it you have more opponents to beat!

27 June 2008
Ronald will be on vacation from July 21 until August 10 so if you want to become a Master or extend your Master-ship, please do it before then!

19 May 2008
The move of domain Mastermoves.eu to the new server is succesfully executed.

7 May 2008
We're moving domainname mastermoves.eu, so it may be temporarily unavailable. But you can always find the site at MASTERMOVE.EU! (no 'S').

See this forumtopic for the details.

27 April 2008
Game #10!!
Push your luck in
EinStein würfelt nicht!

8 March 2008
No Limit has been revamped!
Enjoy the great new look!

19 January 2008
!!! NEW GAME !!!
rule over Africa

24 November 2007
There's a new way of seeing your finished games. See this forum topic for more info.

18 October 2007
"Land of Lakes" is now called Gipsy King!

8 October 2007
Are you a good manager? Find out in our new game:
Bungalow Boss
by Kristian Østby

19 September 2007
We were offline for a short time to fix a problem. All should be in working order again now.

18 September 2007
There's a small bug on the site: the database time is 2 hours behind the server time. This results in some unwanted effects. I'm trying to get this fixed.

7 August 2007
On August 15, at 7:00, the site will be down for about 30 minutes because of a database upgrade.

30 June 2007
'Go with the flow' in our newest game!
Beasty Beach

5 June 2007
Afraid your games will time out during your vacation? Become a Master now and get more vacation days!

25 May 2007
Another new fun game: 'No Limit'! Race your speedboat across a random course! Use a die more or less to speed up or slow down, but avoid running into land or you will sink...

21 May 2007
The format of the Pyramid has been changed to get everybody playing instead of waiting... see 'Forum', 'General' for the changes.

7 May 2007
The new style is now the default style. If you want to change the background, go to 'Settings' and click the 'Change site settings' button.

1 May 2007
Try our new style now! Read all about it in the forum.
Or try it right now: click here!

14 April 2007
'Floriado' is here! Play our newest game now! Go to 'All games', 'Floriado' for the rules and tournaments.

23 March 2007
Now you can contribute by Paypal too. Find out how at the 'Become a Master' menu item.

19 March 2007
If you qualify for a Championship of the Week, Month or even Year, this tournament will no longer count against your tournament limit.

8 March 2007
Everybody who registers now becomes a Master for the entire month of March... our way of saying 'Thanks for giving our site a try!'!

3 March 2007
Our site 'Mastermoves.eu' is officially launched! Spread the word!

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