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So you want to join the newest games playing community on the Internet? You're more than welcome! We sincerely hope you'll have a great time playing here and you will return many, many times.

But first of all we need to know who you are! So please fill in the form below. When you click on 'Join!', an email message will be send to the email address you fill in. You will need to confirm your registration using the URL that's given in that email message. Only after confirmation you are allowed to play at Mastermoves.eu.

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The loginname is the name that you identify yourself with. You use it to log in and it's the name other players will know you by!
Your real name should be exactly that, your real name. You decide if your real name is visible to other users though.
You use your password to log in to the site. It goes without saying you need to keep this a secret as well, or others might play using your account.
Just for the heck of it, you can tell us what country you're from.
We need your email address to make sure you're a real person and not an automated spam-machine. NOTE: we will use your email address only for confirmation purposes and we will never share it with anybody else.
At Info you can fill in any information you would like to share with us.

If another user visits your player page, your loginname, country and info will be shown. All other information is only available to yourself.

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